Upcoming Show: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

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Gourmet chocolate. Belgian chocolate. French chocolate. Swiss chocolate. Chocolate truffles. Dark chocolate. Need we go on? But of course, because who doesn’t love chocolate? According to recent health reports and the American Chemical Society, chocolate is far more than just a sweet treat to savor, but may help heart health too.  On Wednesday, April 4 from 3:00-4:00 pm EST, we’ve assembled a decadent panel to discuss science’s most perfect snack. Tune in live for Sulpice Chocolat chocolatier Anne Shaeffer; University of Washington professor and author Dr. Kristy Leissle; dietitian and wellness coach Mary Barbour; author of The Chocolate Thief and Parisian chocolate aficionado Laura Florand; psychotherapist and self-help author Esther Kane; and Dr. Kristy Leissle aka Dr. Chocolate, world-reknowned chocolate expert with a PhD in chocolate. We promise you a delicious show!

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