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stuck hi-res52weeksbookSo who among us hasn’t been there wedged…trapped…caught…STUCK? You know, when life becomes a routine and every day is just like the day before? When the color of the sky isn’t quite as blue as you thought it used to be, and the tickle of the sun’s warmth on your skin doesn’t seem quite so magical?

Then one day, or is it over many, you realize that you are, in fact, stuck. Life is running you rather than you running your life. A certain inertia seems to have set in and just getting out of the house is a chore. The mood: apathetic…torpid…lethargic…indifferent…oy.

You know that it is time to shake things up, rattle the brain, roll the mind, but just thinking about change is enough to send you back to bed. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

Meet four women who found themselves in the State of Stuck but didn’t take it lying down. Instead they hopped, skipped and jumped themselves out of their doldrums and into a year of discovery.

To some they had it all. Pam Godwin: wife, mom, New York City schoolteacher and then…; Karen Amster-Young: Star public relations specialist, wife, mom, successful writer and then…; Jennifer Gardner Trulson: wife, mom, Harvard Law graduate and then…; Nadia Stieglitz: European-born and raised, wife, mom, creative director in publishing, great life in New York City and then…

Recently, these four fascinating women shared their inspiring stories on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, a fun-filled, honest, insightful, and sometimes, gut-wrenching segment you don’t want to miss. And do pick up a copy of their book, The 52 Weeks. It is chock-full of ideas, expert advice, inspiration, and a host of resources to help you shake, rattle and roll yourselves to a better you, just in time for Spring.

Listen here, or download from iTunes, Spreaker, BlogTalkRadio,, wherever you like.  Enjoy!

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