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She went from star athlete to high-priced call girl. Three-time Olympian for women’s distance running, wife, mother, real estate agent, the simple life wasn’t enough for Suzy Favor Hamilton. Suzy Favor Hamilton tells her shocking and inspiring story on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, August 3, 3 pm ET. Also back our fun, fabulous, brilliant panelists in our Four Broads Talking™  segment to dice and dissect all things Election 2016 and more.


SuzyCallgirlpicturesIn her New York Times bestselling book FAST GIRL, A LIFE SPENT RUNNING FROM MADNESS, Suzy Favor Hamilton bares it all. A natural athlete driven by an insatiable need to win, she became the ultimate track-and-field sweetheart. But success masked the doubt, self-sabotage, and constant anxiety that plagued her. After living in the fast lane as a world-class athlete, Suzy felt normal life in the Midwest to be mind-numbingly dull. Married, the mother of a daughter, it was on a trip to Las Vegas that she found the rush she needed to feel alive. Re-creating herself as a glamorous escort, she recklessly crafted an exciting double life, until she was caught. Her story, in a word, is unbelievable.

Suzy herself1And in our second half-hour, our smart, feisty, fabulous, Four Broads Talking™ Suzanna Andrews, Lisa Schiffren, Sheila Weller and our host Halli Casser-Jayne are back! Hold onto your hats when we talk Melania Trump’s nude photos, explore whether Donald Trump is becoming unhinged, and take a hard look at Hillary Clinton. Is she a serial liar? Who knows what we will dice and dissect, but whatever we do, we promise, it will be fun!


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Written by Halli Casser-Jayne on . Posted in HC-J Blog

I’m not laughing.

I don’t enjoy or think the media worthy of the continued smarmy jokes attached to every article about Anthony Weiner. I’m even more disgusted by the public’s denouncement of Anthony Weiner, and more than a little horrified at what this country has come to.

But a good joke at the expense of the people in the throes of their own personal madness is reflective of the sick society we have become. It makes me shake my head at our mass cruelty.

It is clear that our country suffers from an extreme lack of empathy. Witness the excoriating words leveled at the woman who is yes, standing by her man, because that is what she agreed to do when she entered in a union with Anthony Weiner through a binding, legal marriage.

Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, appeared at her husband’s side at Tuesday’s news conference when her husband admitted that he had continued sexting even after he was forced to leave Congress. Abedin spoke at times haltingly about how she has forgiven Weiner and decided to stay in their marriage. Women nationwide attacked her, as they once attacked Hillary Clinton.

But, Huma Abedin is doing the right thing. It is tough, it is humiliating and it is probably torturing the hell out of her. You can bet she is angry, and hurt, and scared out of her wits. She does love her husband, and, moreover, her son. And we can be certain that she never expected to become the whipping post of The Fourth Estate or her fellow men, and especially women, for doing the RIGHT thing!

About marriage and “to death due us part” and “in sickness and in health…yeah…about those vows.

The attacks on Huma Abedin reflect the cannibalism that has become too many American’s natures and speaks to the reason that 50 percent of all marriages fail.

Look, it doesn’t take a trained psychologist to see that the former seven-term congressman representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens  suffers from a mental illness. Even in the face of losing his job, Anthony Weiner was unable to curtail his penchant for taking up with ladies online and exposing himself both literally and figuratively. With the loss of his career, a new-born son, and a marriage in tatters there he was continuing his online relationships with young women with everything to risk. If that’s not mental illness, I don’t know what is.

As a nation we speak about leveling the acceptability of mental illness and reframing the stigma that comes with its recognition. But when push comes to shove, we don’t do that, do we? Among other things, understanding and acceptance of mental illness as a disease like any other in our bodies would require a certain healthy mentality of us all. It would mean that we had the ability to feel empathy for a fellow human struggling with mental problems, a difficult thing to do when society as a whole is mentally impaired and perhaps, spiritually deficient.

If there are people who are at fault here, it is not the mentally ill Anthony Weiner or his loyal wife. Who is the doctor in attendance here? Did Weiner’s caregiver give the OK for Weiner to opt into the mayoral race? Did he think that Weiner was sufficiently healed? If Weiner lied to his caregiver and said his predilection was under control, was his attending physician snowed? And, or his wife?

Purely as a political question it is fair to ask whether or not Weiner belongs in the mayoral race; we can all have our opinions on that. But the final answer to that question ought to come first from Congressman Weiner’s doctor, Mr. Weiner and his wife. If you the voter do not think he is qualified for the job, then you have the right to record your answer in the privacy of your voting booth.

But the bigger question remains: Who are we to judge Mr. Weiner or his wife on their personal trials and tribulations? And that has been the focus of the discussion in the public arena where we seem to be forgetful of that long forgotten and timely saying: “There for the grace of Gd go I!”

You can be sure that Hillary Clinton (Mrs. Bill Clinton) Silda Wall Spitzer (Mrs. Eliot Spitzer, Eva Longoria (Mrs. Tony Parker), Sandra Bullock (Mrs. Jesse James), Elin Nordegren (Mrs. Tiger Woods), Jennifer Aniston (Mrs. Brad Pitt), Reese Witherspoon (Mrs. Ryan Phillippe), Halle Berry (Mrs. Eric Benet), just to name a few of the women who were forced to make choices when their husbands stepped out on them, never thought it would be THEM having to make that choice.

Neither do YOU!



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