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Oh that ridiculous Ann Coulter.

Like her handlers, she is as dumb as they come. She’s attractive, if you like the overly-made up type, women with overly-bleached blonde hair, overly-toned bodies and overly-big mouths. But short on intellect and proper-reasoning she is, both having never been Ann Coulter or her likes strong suit.

So, imagine my astonishment when I read a blog-post by the potty-mouthed, provocative Coulter that was RIGHT — oh my —  titled “Romney Was Not the Problem.” Oh my gosh, Ann Coulter got something right? It’s a Thanksgiving kind of day.

Of course, like most of Coulter’s titles, book titles or blog post headlines, there’s not much worth reading after the often-salacious headlines. Cogent, Ann Coulter is not. What she always manages to do however, is to take a morsel of truth and wrap it, like a pig in a blanket in camouflage with delicious dough and mustard but not facts. Take a bite into an Ann Coulter PIAB and what do you get? A mere hot dog, and never of the Hebrew National Variety that answers to a higher authority.

So let me help the hot dog Coulter out here: “No Romney Was Not the Problem,” the reason that President Obama was re-elected so definitely, trouncing the Republicans into political oblivion at least for four more years. You are! Yes you, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck, the names if not the faces are interchangeable  You the carnival barkers of the Republican Party, the Political Republican Party Barnum and Bailey Circus, the freaks in the tent who we all couldn’t help taking a peek at, but who at the end of the day were nothing more than freaks who belong in the circus, not the GOP.

It is, you, Ann Coulter and your ilk who brought down the Republican Party and my guess is you might even know it. You can smell the blood and are writing to get ahead of the story before it becomes the Republican meme and the party turns on you and its freaks, something that it should have done a long time ago. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, like Glenn Beck, your days are numbered, and that of the idiot folks who sicced you on the Conservative brand.

So Ann, go back to the freezer. Your party is over. OK, we visited your fun house. It’s time to move on to the Big Tent where the real talent of the GOP lives. A freak show, after all, is no longer a freak show when everyone in the tent is the same.





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Hi everyone!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Turkey Day and to thank you for all your giving. The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is you! Thank you for  your support. Have a scrumptious day!


Halli and the staff at The Halli Casser-Jayne Show


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Cory Booker is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. Many think of Newark as a cesspool. The once gorgeous pride of New Jersey suffered in the 60s racial riots and  has never returned to its former glory. But if Newark ever had a chance to rebuild itself into a city that might make a contribution to  American society, it has a chance now under the bold and often unusual leadership of Mayor Booker. Consider the Mayor’s latest move to live a week on food stamps. Political posturing? Or is Booker a man with a heart for the people he represents. You decide. I have: Mayor Cory Booker is a most interesting politician and one with an equally interesting future.


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Yesterday, while some of the great minds of our times focused on The Feminine Mystique on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds an upstart young male reporter by the name of Luke Russert dared to confront Nancy Pelosi in her bid to remain house minority leader with a simply asinine question: Whether she was too old to lead, whether the leadership should give itself up for more junior members.

Russert: “You’re just going to stay on prohibits the party from having a younger leadership, hurts the party in the long run. What’s your response?”

The other Congressional women standing with Pelosi booed and cried, “Discrimination!” while Pelosi just brushed him off by yelling “Next!” before adding her own barb.

Pelosi: “You always ask that question except to Mitch McConnell.”

Russert didn’t back down, insisting that his question applied to the male Congressional representatives who are over 70 as well, and Pelosi launched into a (well-deserved) tirade, beginning with “Let’s for a moment honor that as a legitimate question, although it’s quite offensive, although you don’t realize that.”

Pelosi handled the obnoxious ageist  and sexist question with aplomb in noting that Russert had not asked that question of male leaders. Then she calmly explained — not just to the reporter, but to all those who may not understand — that often, women don’t accrue the necessary seniority for traditional advancement because they are penalized when they decide to spend time raising their families.

So true, so true.

But there is more here, and it applies to male seniors every bit as much as females, something the world used to know but in the last fifty years seems to have forgotten: Wisdom is the gift of age. Age is not a disease, but a gift. We have more to contribute to society as we age, not less!

In our current youth-centric culture, we are considered old before we are fifty and useless after forty, in a time when we might live to the ripe age of one hundred.

It’s time that we all explored our culture’s disrespect for age and the truth that having lived a longer life, indeed, brings WISDOM not obsolescence.

What the hell is going on here? How is it that a life well-lived, according to the current laws of American culture makes a person over forty obsolete, a truth that is more a problem for women than for men?

Economics surely plays a role — and bad economics at that. Because what might have been true for a short period of time: that discretionary income rested in the hands of 18-24 year olds is no longer true. Today’s youth, even those with college degrees are having a difficult time finding employment. The fact that the young had money to spare, often thanks to their generous parents, led to our youth-centric culture. That is not the way things stand today.

The good news here, as a measure of bad economics defining our culture, is meted out by a change seen in network programming and the advertising industry.  Once the focus of television advertisers, the youth culture is’t necessarily an advertiser’s target audience. Long overlooked by network TV, boomers are getting more prime-time respect. Five years ago, advertisers on national networks paid $45 for each 1,000 viewers, age 50-plus watching at prime time, says media research firm SQAD. This year the figure is headed for $52 as advertisers and networks increasingly compete for older viewers. One winner is CBS: its shows NCIS, 60 Minutes and Blue Bloods draw three of the five largest audiences age 55 and over. Since money rules in the American culture, Boomers own the power these days, if not the respect of youth.

We complain about the demise of family life. Where once generations of families lived together and were ruled by their matriarchs and patriarchs this is no longer true. Families are scattered, as well as fractured in our divorce-centric culture. How well do our children know their grandparents? What influence can the wise have on the nubile when their interaction is an occasional Skype conversation from thousands of miles away?

All of this fuel for thought for Luke Russert and his generation.

Yes, Luke, it’s time we all took a look at the ways of our youth culture, and soon, because NONE OF US is getting any younger.


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On their deafening defeat by the Democratic Party and President Obama, the Republican Party is doing what any smart loser does: assessing where they went wrong. The problem for the current Republican Party, however, is not WHERE they went wrong.  It is that they ARE wrong.

They are a “country” of old white men who live in the Twentieth Century. They are throwbacks to a time that no longer exists, and should not. If you’ll imagine a hunt-country tableaux with a the Lord of the Manor seated in his wingtip chair, his Fox News-type bride dressed circa 1950 wearing just a tad more Pan make-up than necessary painted on so thick meant to camouflage vacuity, and she with her guiding hand on her husband’s shoulders, well, you almost have the picture. Sitting at their feet, wearing their adorable-not Lily Pulitzer Sunday best, the requisite children and their proper brace of AKC hunt country dogs. Sigh.

The current brand of Republicanism is on the right about everything, and wrong about everything. The party no longer even represents the best of conservatism, and surely there is something best about conservatism. But who remembers? Conservatism has been raped by its own.

Conservatism, like their women has been held hostage – so much for Ayn Rand – by a misguided need to protect their white male fiefdoms, their women as complicit as their men in their attempt to strip away a woman’s right to make her own choices in body, mind spirit and economics.

Ruled by their elitist sense of self, that they somehow know what’s best for us all, they act as the Queen Bees to what they conceive of as a nation of drones, on this earth to only serve their needs. Is Rush LIMPaugh a Queen Bee in disguise? Surely Ann Coulter thinks that she is. Oh how she and Limbaugh do drone on in mindless buzz.

The middle class is drowning and these Apoidea know it, yet they insist that their tax cuts remain in force. They protect the big oil companies and their absurd subsidies. They want to abolish Medicare as we know it and hang the youth of our nation out to dry. Theirs is a Ponzi scheme – and we see what their trickledown scheme has done for the fiscal health of this nation.

They are self-serving. What else could be behind their selfishness, their need to keep the money at the top of the food chain while the drones, the middle class, are annihilated by Republican narcissism?

They despise the color brown, except on their rifles, and deny the relevance of people of color as anything more than annoyances who they would like to see slither across the sand colored earth as they make their way back to wherever it is from whence they came.

They are the party of exclusive, not inclusive.

Thus, as I began: The problem for the current Republican Party is not WHERE they went wrong. It is that they ARE wrong. About that, I am RIGHT!



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I just received this and thought I’d share it.  Elections do make a difference. Still, I can’t help saying about the Republican Party: What a bunch of hypocrites. Others might say: Better Late than Never.


Washington, D.C. —Today, Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, hailed Sean Hannity’s leadership after he told his radio listeners Thursday that he has “evolved” on immigration and recognizes the need for a sensible solution.

“Sean Hannity has taken a bold step and conservatives are behind him. It is time to allow the market—rather than a bureaucratic federal government—to determine our immigration policy,” said Mr. Aguilar.

The conservative grassroots favors sensible immigration reform that includes the legalization of undocumented immigrations. The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles commissioned a study in May of 2011, which showed that the majority of likely Republican primary voters favor legalization, and even a path to citizenship, for undocumented immigrants as long as it is coupled with border-security measures.

“There is a growing momentum within the conservative movement to embrace a market-based immigration plan that is in line with Ronald Reagan, who said it best: ‘No regulation or law should be allowed if it results in crops rotting in the fields for lack of harvesters,’” said Mr. Aguilar.

“The tidal wave of support for real reform is growing. While President Obama has failed to deliver on his promises to Latinos, Republicans in Utah passed and signed the first temporary worker law in the country. At their national convention, Republicans included a temporary worker provision in their national platform. The influence of the opposition to reform—primarily unions and restrictionists—is slipping because their arguments have fallen flat.”


Walsh, Cooper, Grunwald – Top Political Pundits – Guests for the Hour

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POST-ELECTION COVERAGE – Illuminating hidden truths The Halli Casser-Jayne Show explores the hot button issues of race, media influence and the ideological divide with top political pundits on Nov 7, 3 pm EST.

Top political minds will bring you post-election coverage of Election 2012 and insight into what is in store for the U.S. in the upcoming four years, Wednesday, November 7, 3 pm EST, on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds.

Joining host Halli Casser-Jayne is Joan Walsh, editor-at-large for, the pioneering, award-winning website, and an MSNBC political analyst, author of “What’s the Matter with White People?” Walsh will shine her perspective on the browning of America and why white working class opportunities have stagnated and declined.

Ms. Casser-Jayne’s second guest is a Time Magazine senior national correspondent, Mike Grunwald, author of The New New Deal, The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era in which Grunwald seeks to enlighten America’s thinking about President Obama and his stimulus package as being the most aggressive fiscal stimulus bill in U.S. history, helping to stop an economic death spiral, easing the pain of a great recession and preventing a depression. Grunwald is recognized as one of this generation’s most original and tireless journalists with a talent for illuminating hidden truths.

National Journal editor and former White House correspondent, Matt Cooper, will also join in a political roundtable hosted by Halli Casser-Jayne, author of A Year in My Pajamas with President Obama, the Politics of Strange Bedfellows.

Don’t miss The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds Wednesday, November 7th at 3 – 4 pm ET as our guests shed light on America’s political future. The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds and Lovers of Politics is always enlightening.

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Here’s what I wrote four years ago in my last column before ELECTION 2008…
from A YEAR IN MY PAJAMAS WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA, The Politics of Strange Bedfellows C. 2009


c 2012 Halli Casser-Jayne

The elitist jerks (the same ones Sarah Palin referred to recently) of the Republican Party, led by their thank goodness he only has days to go before he’s history, George W. Bush, in eight years brought the United States to its knees with its supercilious, super-ridiculous, super-fractious and oh, my God, super-religious ideology, the same convinced of the absurd notion that God was on their side, and it was their God’s way or the highway, to hell with the rest of America.

The divider who never a uniter was, pulled the shroud over too many American eyes with his cheap theocratic talk, his Biblical religious Babel, his suggestion that his Presidency was a divine appointment. Tush, in his personal hour of need had found his higher power and wanted to save the nation as he believed he’d been saved. But the nation never needed saving; it needed leadership. George W. Bush, the Christian, was but a follower of religious dogma.

Let me say that not all of the Bush Administration’s ideas were wrong. Nevertheless, too much of Bush’s agenda was steeped in theocracy, Rovian piety, and personal belief versus e. pluribus Unum, the term faith-based initiatives a code for political Christian evangelism. The religious devotee Bush came to understand too late how he’d been victimized by his fellow brethren, his Judas Iscariot was Karl Rove and the leaders of the Christian Right.

The religious fervered Bush, in some ways naïve and always inherently angry, never realized that the agenda of the politicos behind him was never for his benefit and certainly not for the good of America. Bush was the unwitting disciple of those that sought the best for their pocketbooks, all those elites that are the Republican Party, the oil baron’s, the Wall Street tycoons, and the Neo-cons, each wanting  money, power, world dominance, but few seeking what was truly best for the future of America.

The last eight years Americans have been the victims of drive-by Christian religious indoctrination culminating in the Bush Administration’s slow but steady abortion of a women’s right to choose.

No less despicable than the Bush Administration are the leaders of the Christian Right with the help of their recruits, whose attempt to divide and conquer the American electorate with the aide of Karl Rove took the sacred and turned it into the profane.

There are many reasons for the considerate Obama win last week, but it would be a sin to overlook the nation’s rejection of the Christian Right, including by many evangelicals themselves, tired of the despicable hold on the American political process by a cadre of religious zealots hell-bent on inserting their religious convictions into the womb of American society. It’s been ungodly to watch public policy be gang-raped these last eight years, America the victim of religious molestation.

Now the Christian Republican Party is dead, but we can only imagine what will emerge from its sound defeat. The Republican Party will spend the next four years in political purgatory, engaged in a prolonged Baptism of renewal, atoning for its sins? Sadly, it didn’t have to end quite the way that it did by throwing the baby out with the Baptism water.

John McCain might have been John the Baptist. He might have saved the Republican Christian party from itself. McCain had never been a believer in politics by religion. But hungry for power he ate the Christian manna fearful of the loss of the party’s base and without them his own defeat. McCain went religious with the choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running-mate rather than choosing, for instance, the fiscally conservative Mitt Romney. You can bet it is a decision that John McCain will probably put on the same level of stupidity as the day he crashed his fighter jet into the hands of the Vietcong.

Palin is smart, charming, even interesting, but she is just another Christian who believes her way is His way and His way is the only way and if you don’t follow His lead you are doomed to purgatory. McCain thought that Palin, a woman, would bring to him the disgruntled Hillary voters. How could a man understand that Roe v. Wade stood between McCain, Palin and their dream?  Oh, the Egg Wars, that perennial fight between all women that keeps them from the halls of power. In particular, Evangelical women simply don’t understand that they don’t have the moral high ground on the issue of abortion, only their righteousness.

The large female vote that went for Obama told the story. Welcome to purgatory Sarah Palin and the rest of the Evangelical arm of the political party called the Republicans. Welcome to the land of the politically barren.

Had he had the nerve to stand up to the likes of James Dodson, John McCain might have brought the party back from the brink. But he didn’t. Maybe there is a God and she was watching over the United States, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the un-Christian nation, a country of individuals borne out of the pyres of religious oppression that was the demise of the once Great Britain.

Compassionate conservatism is dead if ever it was alive because really, compassion and the politics of conservatism is an oxymoron. Conservatism worships the state, not the needs of the people. It stands behind the corporation, not the citizens who make the corporation work.

In the wake of what wasn’t is a new progressive agenda in which the needs of the people count. It as if Moses discovered the eleventh commandment: People First.

Now it’s the Second Coming, the world has found its new Messiah in President-elect Barack Obama. He is not the blond Christ so often depicted on the walls of Christian churches when as a Semitic Christ surely would have had dark skin and hair. What a shock to discover that the new savior is a “mutt,” as the president-elect recently called himself. Obama is also a progressive, and, by the way, his middle-name is Hussein. He says he is a Christian, but he says it as an afterthought. Thank you, Jesus. The religious wars of the Bush years served no one; certainly not America.

The country has been blessed. The religious war is over. America has elected a true leader and God-willing, the United States is about to enter the Promised Land.

And that is truly Divine.


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As those of you who listen to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show know, we love books. We don’t care in what form they are created be they hardcover, trade paper or ebook. For us,  it is content that counts. So in our short history as a The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, we’ve brought you a great many authors. Now we are being sponsored by the Miami Book Fair International, a phenomenal fair featuring the best authors from around the world. By the way, if you are in the Miami area November 11-18th I’m recommending that you visit the 29th edition of the Miami Book Fair International in downtown Miami at Miami Dade College. There you can hob-nob with some of the great writers of the world and meet some of the authors who have been guests on our show, and others of the 300 plus authors appearing at MBFI that include Tom Wolfe, Junot Diaz, Dave Barry. Ann LaMott, Lemony Snickett, Robert Caro, Emma Donoghue.

So it breaks our hearts, here on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, when we see what is happening to the business of publishing. I just received an e-mail that I’m going to share with you. It contains an extremely well-written piece by New York Times best selling author and Shark Tank survivor Michael Levin, a nationally acknowledged thought leader on the future of publishing. Have a read and weep. At the end of the article find an announcement, special for our readers of The Halli Casser-Jayne blog.

Publishers, Weakly: What The
Penguin/Random House Merger Really
By: Michael Levin

When I saw the word “synergies” applied to the proposed merger of publishing giants Penguin and Random House, I laughed out loud.  “Synergies” is Wall Street-speak for “Let’s merge two failing companies, fire half the employees, run the resulting business more cheaply, suck out all the money we can as quickly as we can, and then leave the wounded, gasping beast that is the resulting company to die a miserable, public death.”

Which is exactly why “synergies” best describes the merger of two of the biggest names in the publishing industry, which is wringing its hands over the immediate consequences of this deal, which really represents one more death rattle of the once thriving book publishing trade.

Here’s what happens now:  lots of editorial, marketing, and other jobs will vanish.  Agents will have fewer places to sell books.  Fewer books will be published.  Authors will get even less money (if that’s even possible, since some publishers are paying zero advances whenever they can get away with it).  And the pontificators will pontificate on what it all means to society (not much, since most of society has already given up on reading books).

Here’s what happens next:  the remaining major publishers will find it harder to compete, because the resulting publisher (Penguin House?) will be able to produce books more cheaply.  So they’ll fire people, merge, fire more people, and eventually roll over and die.

All because publishers never figured out how to deal with the Internet and how to sell books in a wired world.

All because publishers considered themselves “special” and thought they could get away with selling products they didn’t market.

All because publishers are English majors wearing Daddy’s work clothes and pretending to be business people, running their businesses on whim and gut feeling instead of figuring out what people want and giving it to them, the way smart businesses work.

I have no pity for the fallen publishers.  In Wall Street terms, there isn’t enough lipstick in the world to make these pigs kissable.  They had the responsibility to shape society by providing it with books worth reading, to create a cultural legacy for our generation and generations to come.  And instead, what did they give us?

Ann Coulter, Navy SEALs, and Fifty Shades of Gray.

The publishers will blame everyone in sight for their predicament, but this is a self-inflicted wound; what the Brits would call an “own goal.”

You can’t run a successful business passively waiting for people (in this case, literary agents) to tell you what you should produce.

You can’t run a successful business by throwing 10,000 strands of spaghetti (or 10,000 books a year, in Random House’s case) against the wall of public opinion and seeing what sticks.

You can’t run a successful business selling information in the form of printed books by putting them on trucks to distant cities, hoping that booksellers (anyone who can fog a mirror, run a cash register and repeat the phrase, “We don’t have it but we could order it for you”) will actively work to sell your stuff to people.

Bottom line:  you can’t run a successful business when you are essentially competing with yourself.  If Barnes & Noble doesn’t sell a Simon & Schuster book within three weeks, it sends the book back to Simon & Schuster, at Simon & Schuster’s expense, only to have that same space on the shelf filled with…wait for it…a different Simon & Schuster book.

That’s not marketing.

That’s masochism.

A New York editor who worked at Penguin once told me that his boss called all the employees into a meeting and said, “If there’s any merger talk, you’ll hear about it from me and not from the New York Times.”

A few days later, he was reading The New York Times on the subway on the way to work, and read that Penguin was merging with another publisher.

Here we go again.

If it weren’t for Fifty Shades of Gray, Random House (and Barnes & Noble, for that matter) would have been on life support.  There would have been nothing left to merge.

Penguin’s owner, Pearson LLC, is the smartest guy in the room, dumping off Penguin’s trade publishing on Bertlesmann, a German conglomerate which somehow still thinks it can make money selling books.

And now a few thousand more publishing employees are going to leave the world of books and hit the bricks.

So let the hand-wringing begin.  The collapse of a once proud industry has taken a giant step forward.  And there ain’t no synergies in that.

Naomi Wolfe
Camille Paglia
Michael Grunwald
William Chafe
Joan Walsh
Brad Meltzer
Deborah Baker
Ann Coulter


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Yesterday’s The Halli Casser-Jayne Show explored California’s Proposition 34, an Initiative to end The Death Penalty in favor of  life in prison without the possibility of parole, was as much a learning curve for me, as I suspect it was for you and will be for those who haven’t yet listened to the broadcast. One of my guests, Gil Garcetti, is one of my favorite people. The former Los Angeles District Attorney who prosecuted the likes of O.J. Simpson and the Menendez Brothers is out there fighting to get Prop 34 passed. Gil has an amazing mind, and heart. He is not afraid to speak out for what he believes in. I think you’ll find his argument against the death penalty interesting. My guest, Jeanne Woodford floored me. Jeanne has had a storied career in the California Penal System where she was warden at San Quentin and then director of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Jeanne oversaw four executions when she was Warden of San Quentin. After all she’s seen and all she’s done in service to the people of her state, Jeanne still has heart.  She has some extraordinary things to say on the subject of the death penalty. My next guest was Judy Kerr who lost her brother to a brutal murder. The perpetrator has never been found (I wonder how many others he/she killed). Judy has a lot to say on the death penalty, but her main gift to the audience is her example of someone who turned a negative into a positive. Former detective Marty Foley is one of the good cops. His book, A Murder in Wellesley is a true crime drama. It is a riveting read not just for its details in the apprehension of a murder subject but because Marty was the lead investigator on the case, his is an inside view. You’ll be interested to hear his views on the death penalty.

I went into this show with my own point of view on the death penalty, but I came out of it continuing to believe as I do, but  for an entirely different set of reasons. Each of my guests in their own ways made their case for their beliefs, but beyond their argument for or against the death penalty, they each made the case that as citizens we need to serve the living and the victims of brutal crimes beyond revenge by giving back to the community and the victims so that we stop the evil doers and we turn those who might become a menace to society into something better.

This show was really about the power of positive creation. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you listen.


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