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The saying from the pro-gunners, gunning to make sure that no one takes away their toys is “that guns don’t kill, people do.” Aren’t they clever, and WRONG!

Guns kill, people kill and as we were reminded so brutally Friday, the two together – man and gun – are too often a lethal weapon.

Twenty kindergarten children under the age of 7 were killed and 6 adults were shot dead by two guns carried by a 20-year-old apparently known to have mental issues. The guns, it was reported, were obtained legally by the gunman’s mother, she killed allegedly by the mass murderer, her son, who pulled the triggers.

Faster than a speeding bullet the National Rifle Association bought out their big guns and put out their typical dribble: “We need to protect our children, not build laws against guns.”

The gun control advocates took advantage of the tragic moment, as they always do. Those in favor of enacting responsible gun legislation quickly pointed out that NOW is the time, once and for all, to move against the powerful gun lobby and put a stop to the insanity.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

In the face of yet another mass gunning down of our nation’s children it is time to face the reality that politics has kept us from facing: America is facing an epidemic, not a virus unleashed by a fly or mosquito, but a man-made scourge allowed to grow by the irresponsible NRA Gun Lobby, a wing of the Republican Party, wrong on many issues that Election 2012 proved, and wrong on its defense of the Second Amendment to the Constitution ratified in 1791, before Americans went nuts.

The issue is not the defense of the Second Amendment.

Yet, despite this latest unspeakable tragedy, the gun lobby will fight in a narcissistic battle for its existence over the lives of America’s children. As I said, within an hour of the massacre the gun lobby/Right was accusing the anti gun people/Left of “politicizing” the tragedy as a ploy to keep our legislators, too many bought and paid for by the NRA, from acting against gun massacres.

In truth, there are two realities here. The first is the obvious: We as a society must act against gun massacres and this means enacting responsible legislation to curb the sale of guns to the wrong people.

But that’s not all. It is time to face the fact that something sinister is lurking in the underpinnings of American society. Look in our nation’s schools, on your street corners, on city subway grates, even in our attics, as if we’re still in the Victorian era, when families hid their “troubled” relatives. On the one hand mental illness remains a stigma in too many circles while on the other mental illness is overlooked by too many, maybe because we have become numb to the frequent look at the disturbed dotting our American landscape.

We are a disturbed and angry lot, too many reflecting an insipid anger that rages beneath our core.

It is past time that Americans face these unfortunate realities and take them on and digest the NRA’s position, which would say that if only the teachers and school principal had been armed with guns, than the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut would never have occurred.

The NRA: an example of the angry and disturbed lot dotting our landscape.


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