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Bestselling authors Joyce Maynard and Martha Hall Kelly are women who make magic with words and both are my guests on Talkish! with Halli Casser-Jayne, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show.

A native of New Hampshire bestselling author Joyce Maynard began publishing her stories in magazines when she was thirteen years old. She first came to national attention in 1972 when she was a freshman at Yale with the publication of her New York Times cover story, “An Eighteen Year Old Looks Back on Life”. Since then, Maynard has been a reporter and columnist for The New York Times, a syndicated newspaper columnist whose “Domestic Affairs” column appeared in over fifty papers nationwide, a regular contributor to NPR and national magazines including Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, and many more. She is the author of seventeen books, including the novel TO DIE FOR and the bestselling memoir, AT HOME IN THE WORLD and LABOR DAY adapted for film. Always controversial, she had a relationship with recluse author J.D. Salinger when she was but a girl,  startled the public with her candor about child-rearing and failed marriages and her symphony of failed relationships. Recently she shocked her fans when she adopted two African girls, who she quickly unadopted. Now she returns to the literary stage with her new memoir THE BEST OF US, the story of finding the love of her life late in life only to be met with the biggest test of her life when a one year after their marriage husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. How can a memoir that deals with tragedy be as compelling as THE BEST OF US? Leave it to Joyce Maynard. Tune in.

bestselling authorsBased on the true story of a New York socialite who championed a group of concentration camp survivors known as the Rabbits, Martha Hall Kelly’s acclaimed debut novel LILAC GIRLS is a story of love, redemption, and terrible secrets that were hidden for decades. The book hit the New York Times bestseller list for good reason: Martha Hall Kelly is a great weaver of tale. The plot: Caroline Ferraday is a former Broadway actress and liaison to the French consulate whose life is forever changed when Hitler’s army invades Poland in September 1939—and then sets its sights on France. An ocean away from Caroline, Kasia Kuzmerick, a Polish teenager, sinks deeper into her role as a courier for the underground resistance movement. In Germany, Herta Oberheuser, a young doctor, answers an ad for a government medical position—only to find herself embroiled in the male-dominated realm of Nazi secrets and power. The lives of these three women are set on a collision course when the unthinkable happens and Kasia is sent to Ravensbrück, the notorious and only Nazi concentration camp for women. Riveting, painful, hope-filled LILAC GIRLS is a must-read bestselling book by a bestselling author for good reason: Martha Hall Kelly the inciteful writer my guest this week.

Bestselling authors Joyce Maynard and Martha Hall Kelly, memoir, historical fiction, World War II on Talkish! with Halli Casser-Jayne, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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