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How ironic that I read on ‘Politico’ the announcement that former ‘Playboy’ model turned actress, sorta, Jenny McCarthy is joining ‘The View.’ Barbara Walters, apparently dementia has set in. What are you thinking?

A bit ago I wrote a piece about Ms. McCarthy, Ain’t That Crazy who in my mind is the scum of the earth. Some people are so hungry for fame and fortune they will do and say anything to gain attention. When former childhood actress, Amanda Bynes began her public implosion, McCarthy (who had worked with Bynes) took to Twitter like a whore to a red light district and tweeted her soul away, at the expense of the troubled Amanda Bynes, all for a day’s recognition.

And now, as Elizabeth Hasselbeck fades into Fox News Chanel, ABC and Walters replace the, yes, she is obnoxious and wrong about almost everything Hasselbeck, with the yes, she is uber-obnoxious and disgraceful Jenny McCarthy.

Over the years, ‘The View’ has been a cut-above the cloyingly ridiculous daytime fare offered women (which doesn’t say a whole lot),  second to ‘Oprah.’ With this announcement, it becomes the Queen of the how-low-are-you-willing-to-go to keep your ratings up when the first tier women of ‘The View’ depart for other shores.

Answer: uber low!!

Tweet that, Ms. McCarthy!

Update: Just saw the footage of the announcement. Jenny McCarthy was wearing big, black, studious-looking glasses. Yep, that fixes it. Add the black glasses to her photo above. Oy!


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