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Oh that ridiculous Ann Coulter.

Like her handlers, she is as dumb as they come. She’s attractive, if you like the overly-made up type, women with overly-bleached blonde hair, overly-toned bodies and overly-big mouths. But short on intellect and proper-reasoning she is, both having never been Ann Coulter or her likes strong suit.

So, imagine my astonishment when I read a blog-post by the potty-mouthed, provocative Coulter that was RIGHT — oh my —  titled “Romney Was Not the Problem.” Oh my gosh, Ann Coulter got something right? It’s a Thanksgiving kind of day.

Of course, like most of Coulter’s titles, book titles or blog post headlines, there’s not much worth reading after the often-salacious headlines. Cogent, Ann Coulter is not. What she always manages to do however, is to take a morsel of truth and wrap it, like a pig in a blanket in camouflage with delicious dough and mustard but not facts. Take a bite into an Ann Coulter PIAB and what do you get? A mere hot dog, and never of the Hebrew National Variety that answers to a higher authority.

So let me help the hot dog Coulter out here: “No Romney Was Not the Problem,” the reason that President Obama was re-elected so definitely, trouncing the Republicans into political oblivion at least for four more years. You are! Yes you, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck, the names if not the faces are interchangeable  You the carnival barkers of the Republican Party, the Political Republican Party Barnum and Bailey Circus, the freaks in the tent who we all couldn’t help taking a peek at, but who at the end of the day were nothing more than freaks who belong in the circus, not the GOP.

It is, you, Ann Coulter and your ilk who brought down the Republican Party and my guess is you might even know it. You can smell the blood and are writing to get ahead of the story before it becomes the Republican meme and the party turns on you and its freaks, something that it should have done a long time ago. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, like Glenn Beck, your days are numbered, and that of the idiot folks who sicced you on the Conservative brand.

So Ann, go back to the freezer. Your party is over. OK, we visited your fun house. It’s time to move on to the Big Tent where the real talent of the GOP lives. A freak show, after all, is no longer a freak show when everyone in the tent is the same.




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