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Here’s what I wrote four years ago in my last column before ELECTION 2008…
from A YEAR IN MY PAJAMAS WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA, The Politics of Strange Bedfellows C. 2009


c 2012 Halli Casser-Jayne

The elitist jerks (the same ones Sarah Palin referred to recently) of the Republican Party, led by their thank goodness he only has days to go before he’s history, George W. Bush, in eight years brought the United States to its knees with its supercilious, super-ridiculous, super-fractious and oh, my God, super-religious ideology, the same convinced of the absurd notion that God was on their side, and it was their God’s way or the highway, to hell with the rest of America.

The divider who never a uniter was, pulled the shroud over too many American eyes with his cheap theocratic talk, his Biblical religious Babel, his suggestion that his Presidency was a divine appointment. Tush, in his personal hour of need had found his higher power and wanted to save the nation as he believed he’d been saved. But the nation never needed saving; it needed leadership. George W. Bush, the Christian, was but a follower of religious dogma.

Let me say that not all of the Bush Administration’s ideas were wrong. Nevertheless, too much of Bush’s agenda was steeped in theocracy, Rovian piety, and personal belief versus e. pluribus Unum, the term faith-based initiatives a code for political Christian evangelism. The religious devotee Bush came to understand too late how he’d been victimized by his fellow brethren, his Judas Iscariot was Karl Rove and the leaders of the Christian Right.

The religious fervered Bush, in some ways naïve and always inherently angry, never realized that the agenda of the politicos behind him was never for his benefit and certainly not for the good of America. Bush was the unwitting disciple of those that sought the best for their pocketbooks, all those elites that are the Republican Party, the oil baron’s, the Wall Street tycoons, and the Neo-cons, each wanting  money, power, world dominance, but few seeking what was truly best for the future of America.

The last eight years Americans have been the victims of drive-by Christian religious indoctrination culminating in the Bush Administration’s slow but steady abortion of a women’s right to choose.

No less despicable than the Bush Administration are the leaders of the Christian Right with the help of their recruits, whose attempt to divide and conquer the American electorate with the aide of Karl Rove took the sacred and turned it into the profane.

There are many reasons for the considerate Obama win last week, but it would be a sin to overlook the nation’s rejection of the Christian Right, including by many evangelicals themselves, tired of the despicable hold on the American political process by a cadre of religious zealots hell-bent on inserting their religious convictions into the womb of American society. It’s been ungodly to watch public policy be gang-raped these last eight years, America the victim of religious molestation.

Now the Christian Republican Party is dead, but we can only imagine what will emerge from its sound defeat. The Republican Party will spend the next four years in political purgatory, engaged in a prolonged Baptism of renewal, atoning for its sins? Sadly, it didn’t have to end quite the way that it did by throwing the baby out with the Baptism water.

John McCain might have been John the Baptist. He might have saved the Republican Christian party from itself. McCain had never been a believer in politics by religion. But hungry for power he ate the Christian manna fearful of the loss of the party’s base and without them his own defeat. McCain went religious with the choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running-mate rather than choosing, for instance, the fiscally conservative Mitt Romney. You can bet it is a decision that John McCain will probably put on the same level of stupidity as the day he crashed his fighter jet into the hands of the Vietcong.

Palin is smart, charming, even interesting, but she is just another Christian who believes her way is His way and His way is the only way and if you don’t follow His lead you are doomed to purgatory. McCain thought that Palin, a woman, would bring to him the disgruntled Hillary voters. How could a man understand that Roe v. Wade stood between McCain, Palin and their dream?  Oh, the Egg Wars, that perennial fight between all women that keeps them from the halls of power. In particular, Evangelical women simply don’t understand that they don’t have the moral high ground on the issue of abortion, only their righteousness.

The large female vote that went for Obama told the story. Welcome to purgatory Sarah Palin and the rest of the Evangelical arm of the political party called the Republicans. Welcome to the land of the politically barren.

Had he had the nerve to stand up to the likes of James Dodson, John McCain might have brought the party back from the brink. But he didn’t. Maybe there is a God and she was watching over the United States, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the un-Christian nation, a country of individuals borne out of the pyres of religious oppression that was the demise of the once Great Britain.

Compassionate conservatism is dead if ever it was alive because really, compassion and the politics of conservatism is an oxymoron. Conservatism worships the state, not the needs of the people. It stands behind the corporation, not the citizens who make the corporation work.

In the wake of what wasn’t is a new progressive agenda in which the needs of the people count. It as if Moses discovered the eleventh commandment: People First.

Now it’s the Second Coming, the world has found its new Messiah in President-elect Barack Obama. He is not the blond Christ so often depicted on the walls of Christian churches when as a Semitic Christ surely would have had dark skin and hair. What a shock to discover that the new savior is a “mutt,” as the president-elect recently called himself. Obama is also a progressive, and, by the way, his middle-name is Hussein. He says he is a Christian, but he says it as an afterthought. Thank you, Jesus. The religious wars of the Bush years served no one; certainly not America.

The country has been blessed. The religious war is over. America has elected a true leader and God-willing, the United States is about to enter the Promised Land.

And that is truly Divine.

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