UP NEXT: Election 2012 with Matthew Cooper and Congresswoman Betty Sutton

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On The Halli Casser-Jayne Show this Wednesday, April 11 from 3:00-4:00pm EST, we’re talking politics—from the 2012 presidential election to job creation and the continued economic recovery with Northeast Ohio Congresswoman Betty Sutton (D, OH-13) and Matthew Cooper, editor of National Journal Daily.

Congresswoman Sutton, authored the “Cash for Clunkers” Program in 2009, which resulted in an estimated $3.8 billion to $6.8 billion increase in GDP and more than 60,000 jobs created or saved. Sutton will speak about: her work on behalf of public sector employees, introduction of several animal welfare protection bills, and her own struggle as a woman in politics leading to legislation that helps empower women and protects them from violence. Congresswoman Sutton is a strong proponent for the reauthorization of The Violence Against Women Act.

Cooper has held editorial positions at several of Washington’s most respected news organizations, includingU.S. News & World Report,TimeWashington Monthly,The New RepublicThe Atlantic.com, and TalkingPointsMemo.com. Cooper along with The New York Times reporter Judith Miller was held in contempt of court and threatened with imprisonment for refusing to testify before the Grand Jury regarding the Valerie Plame CIA leak investigation.

For All You Chocolate Lovers

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Yesterday’s show, Chocolate…Chocolate…Chocolate...was in every way delicious. Each and every one of my guests had something unique to contribute to our conversation on Chocolate. I really hope that you’ll listen to the chocolate show. We explored the history of chocolate, romance and chocolate, sex and chocolate, books and chocolate, artisan chocolate, and health and well-being and chocolate and oh, so much more. Author Laura Florand whose first book of her Chocolate trilogy, KISS THE BRIDE debuts April 24, which takes us into the sensual, passionate world of top Parisian chocolatiers,  was kind enough to leave us with a list of her favorite chocolate-makers, both in Paris and in the U.S. Enjoy!

I.  When in Paris…

Jacques Genin

133 Rue de Turenne  75003 Paris, France.  Tel:  01 45 77 29 01.

In Jacques Genin’s salon de chocolat, rough arches of exposed stone blend with red velvet curtains, white, rosebud-embossed walls, and a spiraling metal staircase to create a setting of exceptional beauty.  Considered by many to be among the best in the world, his chocolates are presented in flat metal boxes that frame the beautifully printed squares of luscious ganache infused with herbs and spices, ganaches that melt in your mouth in a sensuous ecstasy.  Worth a trip to Paris, all by himself…


Michel Chaudun

149 Rue de l’Universite , 75007 Paris, France.  Tel:

Michel Chaudun’s tiny shop in the 7th arrondissement of Paris is crammed with so many sculptures and artifacts of chocolate, it’s like stepping into the storage rooms of an old museum.  And take one bite of his famous pavés—sensuous bites of ganache delicately dusted in cocoa—and you will melt right at the feet of the chocolate Mayan warrior standing guard over them.   Another of the world’s very best chocolatiers…


II.  For Armchair Chocolate-Lovers

Neither Jacques Genin nor Michel Chaudun bother with a website—chocolate worshipers must come to them.  But when Laura Florand can’t make it to Paris, she orders from one of these:

La Maison du Chocolat


A legend.  Founded in 1977 by Robert Linxe,  these days, La Maison du Chocolat has boutiques all over the world.   Michel Chaudun was chef chocolatier here before he set off on his own over twenty years ago.  Jacques Genin was head pâtissier here when he was 33.  These days, the creative director is Gilles Marchal.  Try his tender, intense ganaches, and the way you think about chocolate will never be the same.  And if you’re in New York?  La Maison du Chocolat has not one but four beautiful chocolate shops there, into which you can step to experience your own magic moment in Paris.

 L.A. Burdick


Tiny bites of dark chocolate, laced delicately with fig and port wine; exquisitely delicate chocolate-enrobed salted caramels; truffles infused with lemon, pepper, and rum…and if that isn’t enough, each box comes with at least one of their impossibly cute, tiny chocolate mice.  (If you have a child in the house, go ahead and give up on tasting the mouse yourself right now.)   Their classic mice can be varied through the holiday seasons with the cutest chocolate ghosts known to the living, turkeys, snowmen, adorable tiny bunnies, or even honeybees.   All of which taste as delicious as they look adorable.

 Miel Bonbons


200 N. Greensboro Rd. Suite A5 Carrboro, NC 27510.  Tel:  919.967.2313.

There is something delightfully charming and comforting about Miel Bonbons chef Bonnie Lau’s chocolates, for all their exotic flavors of mango mint and coconut curry, as if exoticism and quality have been synthesized in a chocolate you can cozy up at home with, large enough that it will last you two or three bites.  Rich, dark ganaches pair with whimsical and sophisticated flavors, and don’t miss Bonnie Lau’s dense, intense salted butter caramel chocolates.   Every chocolatier gives her chocolate the stamp of her personality, and Bonnie Lau’s are fanciful, warm, adventurous, and reassuring.

Miel Bonbons chocolates.  Photo courtesy of Miel Bonbons.


Christophe Artisan Chocolatier


90 Society Street, Charleston, SC 29401.  Tel:  843.297.8674.

Third-generation French chocolatier-pâtissier Christophe Paume set up shop in Charleston in 2009, thanks to a beautiful love story and his American wife.  His hand-painted chocolates shimmer in the light, each box an emperor’s treasure of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topaz.   Start with a luscious and reassuring cinnamon-touched milk chocolate ganache, or a delicately infused mint dark chocolate, and then let him lead you well down the path not taken with such flavors as tomato-basil dark chocolate or even blue cheese.  And don’t miss his dark chocolate caramel sea salt bar, which is absolutely sublime.

Check out Laura Florand’s site, www.lauraflorand.com, for more tours of chocolate shops, behind-the-scenes looks at chocolate-making, or even occasional giveaways of the best chocolates out there.

Oh, That Devil Chocolate…

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One of my guests on tomorrow’s Everything Chocolate Show is Anne Schaeffer of Sulpice Chocolat,  a Chicago-based artisan chocolate house specializing in super premium painted chocolate bars. Each one of their decadent chocolate bars are individually crafted with premium quality chocolate couverture, the same chocolate that is used to make truffles at chic boutique chocolate shops. Yum!

So, sitting on my desk are two of Sulpice Chocolat’s gorgeous bars sent to me by Anne to taste.  I had thought I’d sample them while on the air tomorrow. But, I haven’t had a thing to eat today, and those little devil chocolate bars are calling to me: Eat eat, eat me. Oh, and I haven’t had a thing to eat today.

So what do you think? Do you think I can hold out until tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST when Anne Schaeffer of Sulpice Chocolat; Dr. Kristy Leissle aka Dr. Chocolate; Lifestyle dietician and wellness coach Mary Barbour;  romance author Laura Florand and psychologist Esther Kane are my guests on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show to imbibe, savor and succumb to all things chocolate?

I wouldn’t bet on it!

Upcoming Show: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

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Gourmet chocolate. Belgian chocolate. French chocolate. Swiss chocolate. Chocolate truffles. Dark chocolate. Need we go on? But of course, because who doesn’t love chocolate? According to recent health reports and the American Chemical Society, chocolate is far more than just a sweet treat to savor, but may help heart health too.  On Wednesday, April 4 from 3:00-4:00 pm EST, we’ve assembled a decadent panel to discuss science’s most perfect snack. Tune in live for Sulpice Chocolat chocolatier Anne Shaeffer; University of Washington professor and author Dr. Kristy Leissle; dietitian and wellness coach Mary Barbour; author of The Chocolate Thief and Parisian chocolate aficionado Laura Florand; psychotherapist and self-help author Esther Kane; and Dr. Kristy Leissle aka Dr. Chocolate, world-reknowned chocolate expert with a PhD in chocolate. We promise you a delicious show!


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What a lovely, gracious, forthcoming, generous woman Barbara Taylor Bradford is! Rather than an interview, I’d say what you’ll hear when you listen to our talk is the equivalent of two old friends having a chat about life, love and career over a glass of fine wine. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Barbara! Let’s do it again soon.


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In preparation for tomorrow’s interview with Barbara Taylor Bradford, I am reading and loving Barbara Taylor Bradford’s new book, Letter from a Stranger, out today. Taylor Bradford never disappoints. And she won’t tomorrow when she visits The Halli Casser-Jayne Show at 3 pm EST for the full hour. Barbara Taylor Bradford has led a charmed life, but she remains a warm and gracious woman who I know you are going to enjoy. We’ll explore her youth, her early career, her marriage to the man who remains the love of her life as well as her business partner, her writing career and oh, so much more. Taylor Bradford is, indeed, a woman of substance, and I can promise you a substantive interview. See you tomorrow on the radio. ~ Halli


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How delightful! It’s always a treat to discover a little gem of a book, and that’s what I did when I opened the book of one of my guests on today’s The Halli Casser-Jayne Show. “How Georgia Became O’Keeffe, Lessons on the Art of Living” is smart, insightful, funny and beautifully written. Author Karen Karbo’s voice is simply wonderful. Be sure to listen to today’s The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Georgia O’Keeffe, The Woman and my discussion with Karen Karbo, Christina Dallorso of The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and former companion of Miss O’Keeffe, Margaret Wood. You can hear the conversation right here on my website today, March 21, 3 p.m. ET. I promise, this is going to be a terrific show!

The Halli Casser-Jayne Show

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I hope that you’ll all join me tomorrow for The Halli Casser-Jayne Show! Up Next:


Artist Georgia O’Keeffe once said “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do,” and do it Georgia O’Keeffe did! The first iconic woman painter, when the field was dominated by men, O’Keeffe was considered a cultural icon long before her death at the age of 98 in 1986. Married to one of the fathers of photography, Alfred Steiglitz, she was a woman at the forefront of much of America’s cultural history in the 20th Century.

We will be exploring the woman, Georgia O’Keeffe on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, March 21 at 3:00 p.m. EST on the BlogTalkRadio Network with our guests: Christina Dallorso of The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Karen Karbo, author of the book How Georgia Became O’Keeffe, Lessons of the Art of Living, and author Margaret Wood who wrote The Painter’s Kitchen, Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O’Keeffe, where Margaret Wood who met the painter when the artist was 90 and she was a mere 24, served as O’Keeffe’s companion.

The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is Talk Radio for Fine Minds.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all on the radio.

~ Halli


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