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Yesterday, I interviewed BBC America’s “Copper” star Ato Essandoh. What a delight! It’s always interesting to watch an actor’s work and read his press from his PR team and what’s out there on the web about them. But all the background work you do as an interviewer never fully prepares you for who you’re going to meet on show day.

Honestly, I’m rarely disappointed by the people I interview on my show, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, airing Wednesdays, 3 pm ET available  to download FREE from iTunes @ and for your mobile connection find us at They may not be who I thought they were going to be, but mostly, they are terrific people.

Some of my guests prove delightful, as Ato Essandoh did. If you listen to the interview, and I hope that you will, some might say that Halli and Ato played well together in the interview sandbox. We did! It was a seamless conversation that was funny, revealing, candid, surprising, and soulful. In my opinion, Ato Essandoh is the real deal. He’s risen pretty high in a short amount of time in his chosen field of acting, and for good reason, as you will discover when you listen to the interview.

Stay tuned until the end of the hour, when Ato gives us a hint about Copper’s season finale airing this Sunday at 10 pm ET on BBC America. And be sure to stay-tuned to the second half-hour when Ato bursts into song doing an amazing … well, you’ll have to wait and listen to the whole show to see which performer he brilliantly mimics!

Thanks Ato Essandoh. You are, as I said above, a pleasure!

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