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When I’m not in my role as a talk radio host, or writing, or kayaking, or running on the beach, or gardening, or whatever (there’s a lot I love to do), I am a photographer. My book, Still Life, images of Antietam is my photographic essay on the Battle of Antietam, and the first serious book of photographs taken of the Antietam Battlefield since Alexander Gardner’s 1866 book Sketchbook of the Civil War. It’s available on Amazon.com for those of you who might be interested in obtaining a copy. As my Facebook friends know, from time to time I  include a photograph in my daily posts. “Like” my page, and see what I see in the View from My Window. I’m lucky to live on the Indian River lagoon in central Florida where the landscape is ever-changing, moment to moment. Here’s an image photographed today. I hope you like it.

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