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The artist in me plays varying roles. Sometimes the muse insists that I write. Sometimes she expresses herself in the way I dress…or design a space…or plan a garden…or create a meal. Most definitely, putting a radio show together for you is like creating a film or TV show – it’s art, it’s theater, it’s magic. Whichever muscle is at work, for me it’s the art of the endeavor that consumes. For the last couple of weeks, it has been my creative eye that has been at work, my vision dominating my senses. I live on the water, on a peninsula, where from whichever window I gaze there is an ever-changing landscape. From moment to moment the scenery alters, becoming a feast upon the eye. Light and shadow play havoc with my senses, sometimes sending me into spasms. And then the muse takes over and my camera becomes an appendage, the click of my finger my release.

From last evening: The View from My Window: “In the Half-light, with Apologies to Sting”

"In the half-light can we trust the way we feel? Can we be sure that anything is real?" ~ Sting

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