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Jimmy Buffett biography

The lazy, hazy days of summer are great days for reading and The Halli Casser-Jayne Show brings you two wonderful books to take with you to the beach  — the Jimmy Buffett biography JIMMY BUFFETT: A GOOD LIFE ALL THE WAY and DRIVING MISS NORMA. Joining Halli at her table are authors Ryan White, Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle.

Jimmy Buffett, the iconic “Pop of Trop Rock,” the Pirate Captain of Margaritaville, the one person with whome we would all like to share a cheeseburger in paradise. Writer, performer Buffett has earned millions through record sales and top-grossing concert tours, but he is also the CEO behind – and get this – a $1.5 billion-per-year Margaritaville industrial complex, a vast network of merchandise, chain restaurants, resorts, lifestyle products, and now about to open Margaritville retirement homes. But before he became the flip-flop music legend and the CEO of Margaritville, Inc. there was the kid from Pascagoula, Mississippi. There have been a lot of changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes in James William Buffett’s life and Ryan White the author of SPRINGSTEEN: ALBUM BY ALBUM, who has twice been named one of the top feature writers in the country by the Society for Features Journalism explores them all in the Jimmy Buffett biography JIMMY BUFFETT: A GOOD LIFE ALL THE WAY, a great read for those lazy, hazy days of summer.

Jimmy Buffett biographyBefore she became known as the adventurous nonagenarian road tripper and international sensation “Miss Norma” with over 500,000 devoted Facebook followers, Norma Jean Bauerschmidt lived a quiet, modest life for 90 years in rural northern Michigan, never crossing a state line let alone a zip line. But following the death of her husband of 67 years and after being diagnosed with terminal uterine cancer only two days later, Miss Norma broke with her way of life, and instead of confining herself to a hospital bed for what could be her last stay, Norma rose to her full height of five feet and told the doctor, “I’m ninety years old. I’m hitting the road.” And she did with her son and daughter-in-law Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle, their giant poodle Ringo, their story of adventure and insight told in the new book DRIVING MISS NORMA.

Jimmy Buffett biographyIn those lazy, hazy days of summer, what could be better than cheeseburgers in paradise, nibbling on sponge cake, watching the sun bake and reading the Jimmy Buffett biography JIMMY BUGGETT, A GOOD LIFE ALL THE WAY, and enjoying the feel-good book of the summer, DRIVING MISS NORMA all on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, the podcast posted at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.



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