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Jimmy Fallon's

Jimmy Fallon’s “I love this guy!” favorite Yacht Rocker Robbie Dupree and legendary rock and roll chronicler David Hepworth join me at my table on Talkish with Halli Casser-Jayne, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show for some rock and rolling conversation.

Jimmy Fallon’s “I love this guy” loves Robbie Dupree for good reason: Just listen to Durpree’s music. It’s been a long and winding road for Dupree but he thinks of himself as one of the “lucky ones”. From his tough beginnings in Brooklyn, to his Top Ten hits, ‘Hot Rod Hearts’ and ‘Steal Away’, which earned him a Grammy nomination in the early 80’s for Best New Artist, Robbie Dupree’s career has twisted and turned, traveled the peaks and the valleys of the ever-changing music industry. From the rich creative atmosphere of the late Sixties through his Woodstock years that were the Seventies, to his chart busting hits of the early Eighties and onward, Dupree’s talent has never stagnated, ever-evolving, his associations with some of the greats of the music industry — David Sancious, Larry Hoppen, Leslie Smith, Rick Chudacoff, and Peter Bunetta seeping into his musical soul. Eleven albums later with his contribution to the genre known as Yacht Rock, Dupree, it can be safely said, has met his heart’s desire and reached the musical promised land. We steal away with Dupree in our first half-hour.

Jimmy Fallon's Favorite Author David Hepworth begins his new book UNCOMMON PEOPLE, THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROCK STARS with this declaration: “The age of the rock star, like the age of the cowboy has passed.” Neil Young, are you listening? In a rock and rollin’ pep rally and memorial, Hepworth’s elegy takes us on the long and winding road through rock and roll history, the up and down beats of an era that offered swagger and recklessness, charisma, self-belief, good hair and above all was riff with talent we could only wish to have. Larger than life but also like us, names like Harrison and Morrison, Elvis and Lewis, Nicks and Joplin, Chuck Berry, Madonna, Bowie, Prince and more come to life on the pages of Hepworth’s book that tells the tales of the uniquely motivated nobodies who went about turning themselves into the ultimate somebodies, who shaped our realities and titillated our fantasies because, after all, UNCOMMON PEOPLE isn’t just their story – it’s our as well. Hepworth, a legend in his own right has launched several successful British magazines, during his long and storied career. He presented the definitive BBC rock music program Whistle Test and anchored the coverage of Live Aid in ’85. He has won Editor and Writer of the Year awards from the Professional Publishers Association and the Mark Boxer Award from the British Society of Magazine Editors. He is the radio columnist for the Guardian and a media correspondent for the newspaper, and the author of NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

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